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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  February 9, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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they were partying at an offcampus apartment when burns said he heard love crow out help me, help me. -- cry out help me, help me. burns said he saw love on top of hugely and had her in a chokehold. burns was asked to step off of the witness stand and demonstrate what he saw on the commonwealth attorney. love was hysterically crying as show ran out of the room telling burns she couldn't breath. burns testified that he knew george hugely but never talked to him about the incident. early in the day, jurors the first time were shown pictures of love as show lay partially clothe on the bedroom floor photos were taken by police. a police sergeant testified that he began taking the photos after seeing a, quote, large hole in the door to the bedroom and learning there was no forced entry by rescue or anyone else who entered the room. sergeant shawn bails of the
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charlottesville police department told the court that he grabbed the digital camera after determining that love was obviously a victim of some kind of violence. the morning's testimony began with another police officer telling the court the initial call for help was for an alcohol overdose. at 2:21 a.m., the morning. may 3rd. the officer blackwell said when he first saw her, was in nothing near the report i was given and something different had happened. three members of the rescue squad who responded to love's apartment, also testified today explaining in detail the care they gave and described the condition of her body. all of them noticed injuries to love's face. when the photos were first shown to the defense, george hugely did not look, instead, staring at the floor there was testimony about a sec incident the jury was told about, a second violent incident where yardly love attacked hugely,
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allegedly over an issue involving a woman and he found out that george was texting the woman and show hit him with her purse. there was also testimony about george hugely's drinking. teammates took the stand and said how he increased his drinking in the few months leading up to love's death and that he was drinking as much as four times a week and getting drunk and there was extensive testimony about cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and whether that could create blood flow that could come out of the victim as in blood that may come out of someone's mouth or elsewhere and that is while the cpr is going. that is the defense contention, the blood that was found on the scene may have been caused by the cpr and the doctor said it was possible but highly unlikely in someone as young as love. >> when you have been
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reporting, you told us that the victim and the suspect's families have been in the courtroom. i imagine today that the pictures and some of the testimony was pretty emotional. was love's family there? >> reporter: her family has been here every day. the mother and sister sit in the front row. the hugely's sit to the lovely, his mother and stepfather. his father is not allowed in the courtroom because he's going to be testifying later and lead me explain. you can't see the pictures. no one can see them but for the jury and the judge. they have it set up. it's odd. i have never seen a courtroom set up like this before, shawn and picture comes up on the screen and no one can see it in the courtroom. the jury and the judge saw it. when the pictures were shown to the defense, he was not -- he would not look at them. >> i'm curious, did the judge or anyone explain why? in other trials, everyone can usually -- usually see the
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evidence. >> reporter: it's the way it's set up. it's unusual. it's an unusual courthouse. i have never seen one like this. the jury is sitting in a jury box right in front of the judge and so they facing out towards the courtroom. the witness sits in a box facing the jury. so, you can't even see the witness. it's much is a cavernous room, that i'm not sitting in the courtroom anywhere. i can't hear. i'm in the overflow room where i can hear the witnesses talking into the microphone. we can't see what is on that screen. >> your description was vivid and gives us an idea of what is going on inside. thank you very much. >> a teacher at a private school is accused of sexually abusing a student for more than a year. the 27-year-old ashley campbell taught at montrose christian cool. the school received an anonymous e-mail saying she had a sexual relationship with a 16-
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year-old male student and school officials contacted police. campbell and the student would drive to a park to have sex. it happened from fall 2010 through this january and campbell is free on bond. an arrest in a sexual assault at southeast d.c. elementary school. the police arrested 21-year-old devon wood yesterday, charging him with second-degree child sex abuse. he's accused of abusing an 11- year-old girl at kitschum elementary school last week. the school officials say rules were not followd when an aid thought he recognized the man. the man asked the girl to show him to a classroom. and d.c. is introducing's new ad campaign. twenty% of the students miss hear than two weeks of school this year. it pushes the link between going to school every day and academic and career success and students unveiled the ads. the slogan? the more you learn -- . >> young people who don't graduate from high school make,
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in their lifetime, almost 80% less than someone who does graduate from high school think about that for a second. eighty% less. that is a lot of money. >> and the ad campaign includes radio commercials, ads on buses and trains and facebook and twitter. it didn't take long for word to spread month types in prince georges county last night. the second time in four days, a county high school student has been shot and killed. and fox 5s beth parker is live with that story,. >> reporter: one of the young men was a student at flowers high and the other at parkdale. the communities have a lot of healing to do. just a few days ago, she handed him the money to get his learner's permit. new, she's making her son's funeral arrangements. >> every time i see someone with a red coat on, i think it's chris and i realize he's
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not coming home. >> reporter: that is right. this is the day she identified her son chrisifer's body. a 17-year-old -- christopher's body, a 17-year-old shot and killed monday night. >> and he was a baby. that is too young, and he didn't have a chance to do anything hosted. he didn't have a chance to have kids. >> reporter: this mom asked us not to show here -- show her face. she's worried about the safety of her family. she's concerned about christopher's younger siblings, especially his sister. >> and that was her best friend, like bread and butter. >> they roll together in. >> yes. >> reporter: and christopher's family is not the only one hurting. just two days later o wednesday night, devon gilks died. police say he was shot and killed on his front porch. >> phone calls after midnight. phone calls around like 11:00. he then shot. >> reporter: derek williams is a fellow student at parkdale high where it was a difficult day. >> we had a moment of silence
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for them and the principal said -- it usually is, parkdale is loud andy that saw it was people looking and all of that. >> reporter: williams happened to know both of the teens shot and killed this week in prince georges county. >> just sad, but i can't do anything but try not to be a part of it. and try not to be the next one. >> reporter: the 17-year-old planning his future at college is already learning some of life's toughest lessons. >> and -- . >> really? >> yes. yes. and i am not going to say it's easier, but you understand. >> reporter: christopher's mom learned something, too. >> when they go out of the door, you never know if they're coming back. >> reporter: among kids, ages 15 to 19 in the u.s., homicide is the second leading cause of death, after unintensional injury, for example, a car
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accident. back to you, laura. >> very sad. thank you. we following breaking news on a tragic accident involving an alexandrea fire department paramedic. fox 5 learned that joshua weissman died. he was transported to the hospital last night with life- threatening injuries after falling nearly 20 feet from i- 395 to a creek below. he was responding to a car fire near gleeb road. we're waiting a press conference that is scheduled to happen in an hour and we'll keep you posted as we get more information. and to a news alert. a woman was killed when her car collided with a tractor-trailer on route 301 in bowie. the victim is tori-ann rich. the crash happened around 9:15 this morning. the driver of the tractor- trailer was not hurt. and an armed gunman forced a womanfo tohand over the keys to her mercedes. the police spotted the vehicle later and chased it through the district into prince georges
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county. when the chase ended up back in d.c., the police officer crashed his cruiser and the officer, however, was not hurt. the cops stopped the stolen mercedes arrested the suspect. it was an unmistakable message. dozens of d.c. firefighters turning their backs on the city's fire chief. why controversial comments about the incident have led to a suspension. plus, an occupy d.c. protestor accused of assaulting a police officer has his day in court. we'll have the details ahead. and a multibillion mortgage settlement announced by the obama administration. find out what this means for home owners here in d.c., maryland, and virginia. gary. and it looks like wht the weekend. that is for sure. and the question is, now are we going to have a significant snow? we'll talk about that and look at the first forecast. looks good out there new. fox 5 news at 5 will continue. stay with us. 
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. >> the public information officer for d.c., fire, and e.m.s. is suspended for comments he made on facebook and twitter. one of the comments was made on a link to one of our stories. long walls used the word racist to describe a protest that fire chief kenneth ellerbee's stated at the department speech. matt ackland has this one. >> reporter: you remember when chief ellerbee was making the
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speech, some firefighters stood up and put their backs to the chief. we posted our story and later, it appears longwall posted it to facebook with a comment that got him in trouble. >> attention. about face. >> reporter: it was a move seen as disrespectful by son and others to get the chief's attention for problems in the department. from uniform changes to shift changes. more than 100 firefighters turned their backs on the chief and walked out. >> i can't afford to -- that stuff like that. you know, with the departmenty that running, a department to management. >> reporter: it was comments made by the department's public information officer, long walls, on twitter and facebook, that led to his suspension by chief ellerbee. he wrote on facebook unfortunately the response depicted in the news center was the most blatant, ignorant, and racist public display of disrespect i have ever seen.
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d.c. fire union president ed smith declined an on-camera introduce but told us over the phone the comment was trivial and said we have bigger issues at the department than this. all right, we don't know exactly how long walls will be suspended. we left a voice mail for him today. we spoke to the chief briefly on the phone and he said he wanted to speak about the suspension, but was waiting for authorization from the deputy mayor. by the way, a spokesperson for the mayor's office also confirmed the suspension, laura. >> that story keeps growing different legs. thank you very much, matt ackland. the police officer hit in the face with a bottle during last saturday's occupy protest at mcpherson square is still recovering from his injury. his accused attacker was in court today. fox 5s john henrehan was at that hearing and john's in the newsroom with what happened. shawn? >> reporter: of the small group of protestors arrested saturday, two were charged with felonies, in both cases, according to prosecutors, demonstrators attacked police
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officers. at today's hearing, we learned more details about both cases. on saturday, a large contingent of u.s. park police officers, including mounted police and scores of officers in full riot gear, gathered before dawn at mcpherson square to inspect the tents that protestors erected for months. the tents with sleeping gear, a lot of personal possessions were removed for allegedly violating anticamping regulations. later in the day, police and protestors scuffled several times. cursing one of the scuffles, police say, the protestor desouza threw a full coca-cola bottle at police and hit a lieutenant in the face. the police officer still has blurred vision in one eye and a physician said he can't tell if it's permanent. another defendant, nathanial goreckis charged with throwing a three-footlong bamboo poll
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that allegedly bounced off the sergeant's helmet. they facing felony charges. occupy demonstrators say both sides suffered in the f -- the fracas. >> i got hit in the reb cage. they were violent with us and i am -- i really don't think that there is the intention for us to be violent back. at about any point. >> reporter: at mcpherson square, a majority of the tents are gone. large areas of the park once again in open space. some tents remain and the same is true at freedom plaza, where the inspection was less contentious. occupy demonstrators are using the mostly empty fence as a symbolic part of the protest. the police officers are checking the tents overnight to make sure no one is sleeping there. jeremiah desouza will remain in custody and at a halfway house in which he's not allowed to
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leave. most halfway house inmates are allowed to go in and out, he has to stay in the building. nathaniel gorecki, has been released on his own and he's agreed to stay away from mcpherson square, both men face felony charges, shawn. >> thank you for the update. >> the defense attorney for john hinkley jr. claims he's shown he is no longer dangerous. hinkley is going before a judge asking to spend more time with his mother in williamsburg. he's been at saint elizabeth hospital since he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. he has visited his mother for as long as 10 days at a time. new, he wants the visits extended to up to 24 days and eventually to be out of the hospital full time. the army private accused of giving classified information to the wiki locations website will be back in court and he is facing 22 counts, including
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aiding the enemy. military prosecutors said he downloaded and transferred nearly a half million sensitive battlefield reports, hundreds of thousands diplomatic cables and video of the 2007 army helicopter attack. that was a nice rebound after yesterday's ugly winter day. >> and that is nice today. chillet and sunshine is nice. >> yeah, yeah. >> and how long is this going to stick around, gary? >> and that is for the first part of the day tomorrow. >> okay, what happens? >> the cloud comes in in our future cast model is showing that we may have some snow flurries around here by tomorrow afternoon and evening. >> wow. >> i like to believe it and that is usually reliable and the storm system staying to the south and east of us looks like it's getting closer to us and have an impact on us, and we're going to talk about snow coming up here temperature night and into saturday.
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some of it might be insignificant. we'll have to wait, right? the temperatures, 36 in up to. gaithersburg dropped off quickly to 41 degrees and to 43. hagerstown, 43. winchester, chilly spot, too, at 41 and today, the highest temperature for national has been 47. we may have touched 48 degrees and this is what we're thinking for the evening. cool at 7:00. 42 and a few clouds out there this evening. should not be too bad. the temperatures dropping into the 30s. of course, just a little bit cooler than that and into the suburbs, too. again, could be a little more significant with this storm system coming in late tomorrow and into saturday. one think this we do know about the weekend, it's going to be getting significantly colder. laura? >> thank you, gary. talk to you soon. remember, can you check the weather any time you want with the fox 5 weather app. download it from the app store orandroid market. coming up, the sister of the washington state man who deliberately killed himself and his two young sons speaks out
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the first time. who she citizen to blame. plus, a young girl fights off a suspected kidnapper as a surveillance camera rolls overhead. and if you have a story idea, call our tip line. it's 202895-3,000 send us an e- mail to 
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. >> josh powell's sister said that he's a cold-blooded murderer for killing his sons by blowing up their homes. powell died in that fire. he was a suspect in the disappearance of his wife back in 2009 and had lost custody of the five- and seven-year-old sons. jennifer graves was not worried about him seeing the boys because the visits were supervised. last weekend, he locked the social worker out of the house when show arrived with the boys. he attacked his children with a hatchet and blow up his house. >> josh did this. and to blame anyone else for
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him taking a hatch tote their neck and blowing -- hatchet to their neck and blowing them up and causing them to suffer for their last breath. that is wrong to say that anyone else is at fault here. >> graves believes her brother killed his love and would have been charged with her murder. and chilling video from inside a georgia wal-mart. a man grabbed a seven-year-old girl and tried to kidnap her from the store. the mother was a few aisles over. things could have ended badly. britney baxter fought back. >> and he grabbed me and dropped me and ran off. >> kicking like this. and trying to kick as hard as i can. >> the deputies arrested thomas wood an hour later and he claims he was not at the wal- mart. woods is on parole after a manslaughter conviction. the police are calling britney
5:26 pm
a hero. thank goodness she had the wherewithall. >> exactly. coming up, a $25 billion mortgage settlement. find out how this will help home owners who watched their property values plummet. and no child left behind. we'll tell you how the obama administration decision is affecting students nationwide. >> forward, number five, he lives with his mother, carlos boozer. [ laughter ] >> he is just hilarious. later, actor will ferrell hurts his hand at announcing. we'll see how that goes. i am sure they were not happy. can you imagine. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet,
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. >> a major agreement to help people hurt during the housing collapse and the foreclosure
5:30 pm
crisis. president obama announced five of the nation's largest mortgage lenders, including bank of america and j.p. morgan reached a $25 billion settlement with the state. the banks were accused of -- that occurred after the housing bubble burst. >> america's biggest banks, banks rescued by taxpayer will be required to right the wrongs. >> under the agreement, the lenders must reduce loans for 1 million households and 750,000 americans who were wrongly foreclosed will each receive a check for about $2,000. melanie alnwick is here to explain how the settlement will affect local home owners. mel? >> reporter: this is the second largest nationwide settlement in history, but it really is only going to help a very small percentage of home owners who need it. first thing you need to know, you have to go to the new website, the next thing you need to know is whether your loan is owned by fannie mae or freddie mac. go down and it will tell you
5:31 pm
where that is. there are links to the loan lookup sites. if you're owned by fannie or freddy, you are not eligible. the next thing you need to know is who do you pay your mortgage to. that is your mortgage servicer. if it's one of these five companies, then you are eligible for the settlement. maryland is getting almost $1 billion in settlement money, the sixth largest amount among the 49 states that signed on on to the deal. and the attorney general said the state and prince georges county were hit harder than most. >> the money will go directly to those who need it new and those who are victims in the conduct of the banks. >> reporter: the district of columbia is getting 40,000,480,000,000 will go to virginia. >> and for all of virginia and our economy, it will help us start to clear the market to get out of this, what we hope
5:32 pm
is the bottom of this housing plunge. >> reporter: the nationwide deal is to settle claims of abusive practices among the five largest banks, pushing through foreclosures, delaying aid and using fake signatures on court documents. eligible home owners who are behind or in danger of falling behind will be able to get a portion of their mortgage debt forgiven. home owners who are current on their payment and imore than their homes are -- and owe more than their homes are worth will be able to finance the rates. those who unfairly lost their homes will get a cash payment, $2,000 as a pen title banks and they can still sue for -- as a -- to the banks and they can still sue for damages. >> we're bringing some form of justice to a lot of people hurt. >> and this puts a 93wide standard to keep more families in their homes in the future. we're told it will take six to nine months for the states to gather all of the information and figure out who is eligible for the settlement and that
5:33 pm
those borrowers will receive an official letter. if you get something in the mail, make sure it's an official letter and not another solicitation. it may take up to three years for all of the claims to be satisfied. another note here, if home owners have any questions, they're urged to contact a non- profit housing counselor. shawn? >> what is the name of the website again? >> it's national mortgage settlement, all one word dot- com. >> thank you for the update. >> encouraging news on unemployment claims. the number of people seeking aid dropped to a near four-year low. 358,000 people applied last week, the lowest level since the sprint of 2008. the economists didn't predict a large drop. it's dropped for five straight months to 8.3%. house lawmakers passed a bill banning members of congress and the executive branch from insider trading.
5:34 pm
and they accused them of caving to investment firms to eliminate a proposal to regulate people to pry information from congress. today's vote will send a bill to a conference to reconcile differences with the senate- passed version of the bill. the white house is making a decision that will affect thousands of students across the country. president obama is giving some states waivers for the no-child- left-behind law but not all lawmakers are happy with the move. peter ducey explains the issue. >> reporter: ten states are getting a pass from the white house on the no-child-left- behind law. the obama administration issuing waivers to the following: colorado, florida, georgia, indiana, kentucky, massachusetts, minnesota, new jersey, oklahoma, and tennessee. freeing them from the strict requirements of the nclb. under the deal, the states must show they will prepare children for college and careers, set new targets for approve -- improving achievement among all students, reward the best-
5:35 pm
performing schools and focus help on the ones doing the worst. >> it's a band aid. only a band aid. until we get a real solution. >> reporter: critics of the nclb said it focused too much on standardized testing and not enough on teaching. >> looking at whether or not a kid is really prepared for college or a career said that your measuring something far more meaningful than a cut score on a standardized test. >> reporter: some republicans claim by granting the waivers and circumventing congress, the president is overreaching its authority, adding mr. obama's plan doesn't give more flexibility to the states but i'm poses his vision on them instead. a few weeks ago, he said it was necessary because congress failed to update the law despite widespread bipartisan agreement that it needs fixing. >> in september, we decided to stop waiting for congress to fix no-child-left-behind and give states the flexibility they need to help our kids meet higher standards. >> reporter: a total of 28 other states, the district of columbia and puerto rico signalled they plan to seek
5:36 pm
waivers. reporting in washington, peter ducey, fox news. coming up, a school district in virginia considers a controversial ban on cross dressing. >> plus, students at an elementary school rocked by a sex abuse scandal return to class. 
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. >> a virginia school district is considering banning cross dressing by students. the suffolk county board of education will take up the issue at a meeting tonight. there is at least one male student at a high school who dresses in girl's clothing. some board members say the ban is out of concern for the safety of students. they fear the cross dressers could be easy targets. critics of the ban said it would violate the students' first amendment rights. >> any time there is a threat upon a child, to me, what where do you draw the line of freedom
5:40 pm
of expression? >> i talked to the guy and he is perfectly fine. there is nothing wrong with him. it's just the way he feels. if he feels he needs to express himself that way, he should. at my school, i have not seen anyone pick on him or seen anyone make fun of him. >> the vote is expected tonight. if the ban passes, it would take effect in the fall. students at miramont elementary school in los angeles return to class today and were greeted by an entirely new staff. the school district removed the old staff amid allegations of child sex abuse. two former teachers are charged. one teacher's aid is under investigation accused of sending love letters to a fourth grader. the school district is facing several lawsuits. and their vacations have turned into a nightmare. coming up, hundreds of passengers sickened as a cruise ship deals with another noro virus outbreak. plus, why a form of exercise could be key in helping people suffering from parkinson's. and another chance of snow in the forecast. gary's back with the latest. es
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. >> >> crews at the scene of the deadly crash in italy are working overtime to avoid an environmental disaster. they -- thousands of gallons of oil from the ship and can't start removing the fuel until the seas are calm. 17 people were killed, 17 more still missing after the ship ran aground last month. and several cruise ships in the united states are having trouble. hundreds of passengers have gotten sick and the illness turned their vacations into miserable experiences and not only for them but for other passengers. phil kiting is in fort lauderdale with the story. >> reporter: about 3,000 passengers on board the crown princess, this was supposed to be a fun seven-day cruise to aruba and kur usaou. after many became ill, they
5:45 pm
returned to port everglades this morning, returning with six passengers for the second cruise in a row. the culprit, according to the center of disease control s noro virus. a stomach virus which, according to passengers, does not make for a fun cruise at all. this cruise left saturday night after a six-hour delay, while it was being massively scrubbed down with disinfectant. that apparently did not do the job, did not eliminate the virus for the new passengers. >> the sickness is montezuma's revenge. they have a fancy name for it. i can't tell you what it s. my opinion, they shouldn't have sailed the ship to begin with. >> they wiped your chair when you got up from the table, they wiped your machine when you were in the casino, they were so astute about everything and cleanliness. >> reporter: according to passengers, princess gave everyone a full refund to help pay for the return trips home and offering a 25% discount on the next cruise if they choose
5:46 pm
to take one o. saturday, the same ship returned here to fort lauderdale after 400 passengers and 34 crew members caught the virus and that makes three outbreaks of noro virus on board cruise ships in the past week. on saturday, a royal caribbean cruise liner returned to port with sick passengers in new orleans, louisiana, and that was the a vig -- voyager of the seas and 200 passengers became ill on that one. phil keating, fox news. they're not on vacation. college students in new jersey are being hit by a noro virus outbreak. forty students from ryder university went to the hospital last night and have been released but for one. the university is no cleaning the dorm rooms. the bathrooms and other public areas. the classes are still in session there. >> a new study shows practicing tai-chi may help people suffering from parkinson's
5:47 pm
disease. they studied 200 patients, comparing the effects with resistence training and stretching. they found those who brad twice a week over six months, improved their balance and walking ability more than with resistance and training, resistance training and stretching. hmm. >> i believe it. gain. >> and it's focused and a little bit of meditation. great for you and i never did it myself. i hear it's good. some yoga, you know? >> it's all good, as long as you're working to keep yourself moving. staying healthy. >> exactly. and winter making an appearance here. >> there is a storm and we're seeing it on and off the last eight, nine days or so and you ignore it and it pops up again. it goes away and you ignore it and that goes back. that is how it works. we saw it again pop up this morning, a little more significant. a little bit closer to the coast. it looks like now it will affect us this weekend.
5:48 pm
it's been great today and at least the first part of the day tomorrow is going to be real nice. we'll have temperatures tomorrow in the lower 50s and then it now looks like, and we had this in the forecast for a little snowflake on saturday coming through, but now it looks like we're in for potentially some placings that can end up with a bit of a significant snow by the time we get to saturday evening. and saturday night. and that is because of the coastal storm. one thing we know, and a big part of this, the player is how much cold air we have and the arctic chill is coming in and it's going to be awful out there with windchill factors in the 20s. for both days, looks like on the weekend, we'll have temperatures in the 20s and 30s for highs and the 20s will be farther to the north of us. we'll be in the 30s after saturday and sunday. the cold air is spilling in. the question is how much of that is going to get in as the
5:49 pm
storm comes up and starts to develop along the coast and another part of it, how close will the storm come to the coast much? all of that isup answered and we'll get more information tonight and through the day tomorrow. 46 in town. gaithersburg in the upper 30s. and a little on the cool side. mostly fair skies, a few clouds by 9 and 11. temperatures into the upper 30s. as usual, colder out in the suburbs. very, very nice today and notice the evening, a few clouds are sneaking overhead here. and it looks like they'll move through to the evening hours and get out of here during the overnight hours, that will allow the temperatures to drop into the 30s and in some cases, the 20s and nice for the most part today. as we slide into texas, you see the showers coming into houston here and the texas coast, the showers coming through the texas panhandle and that is the beginnings of this storm system for tomorrow night and into the weekend.
5:50 pm
potentially could become a pretty significant nor'easter as it heads to the north and this is future cast tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., the sun comes up and we'll see plenty of sun for the first part of the day tomorrow and still, can you see the future cast tomorrow evening and at 5:00, a few showers coming across. i don't think that is going to be a lot. we'll call it spotty showers. to the west and the colder air on i-81, the higher elevations, some of this could start off as snow as we take you into the overnight and dry out a little bit. this is early, early saturday morning at 2 a.m. we're beginning to see some of the effects of the coastal storm off long the shore here and into the colder air, we're developing a lot of snow and that is coming on through. by saturday morning, we're painting along i-95 and that is a transition north and west and that is with some snowy
5:51 pm
conditions. in terms of snow, we're not going to put a snow total here for you, but at least we're painting a significant chance of snow through the entire mid- atlantic here. most of maryland and to northern virginia. the higher elevations to the west. a few clouds overnight tonight. some upper 20s out in the suburbs. we'll start off with sun tomorrow morning and quickly become cloudy, probably as early as noon for the western suburbs. a spotty shower or two late in the day. high temperatures somewhere in there tomorrow and into the lower 50s. forty on saturday, with rain and snow. 37 on sunday and that will never feel like 37. it will feel like it's in the 20s. >> and we warm back up. we'll go 47 on valentine's day. >> hmm, okay. all right. >> and more inif on the storm -- info the storm tonight and tomorrow. >> thank you, gary. >> we'll find warmth in our heart. [ laughter ] talk of the town on tmz.
5:52 pm
halle berry leaving the country. she's asking the judge in her custody battle for permission to move to france? is that right? yes. pretty crazy but, you know, her and gabriel aubrey have been involved in this bitter custody over their three-year-old daughter and she's asking to move to france but it's not because of gabriel. if you remembered, she has had a lot of stockers at her house recently in los angeles, and i think he's basically over it all. for her safety and her daughter's safety, and she wants to get out of the country. also big news is that her former boyfriend, new fiancee, on martinez, you know, is french and has property out there. so, now that they are engaged, you know, she really wants to go out there and westbound him, start a life. obviously, being an actress, she can travel back and forth. it's going to be interesting to see what gabriel does to try to block this. he has his life out here, he probably doesn't want to travel back and forth between france and the u.s. >> sure, given the custody
5:53 pm
battle. is there any insight on what the judge might decide in this case? >> you know, the fact that they engaged now waveways heavy on their favor. they take relationship status into the deal, and the fact that they're engaged now waveways heavier than a boyfriend. but, gabriel, unless they can find something saying he's not a responsible father s going to be tough for a judge to take nahla out of the country like that. >> all right, gary, thank you for joining us. >> at forward, number five, he still lives with his mother, carlos boozer. at center, 6'1"0 from -- where he majored in econ but minored in love! ameca okofu. [ laughter ] >> you probably figured out that was not your typical nba
5:54 pm
announcer, that was comedienne will ferrell poking fun at the players as he introduced the players in the starting lineup. she in new orleans -- he is in new orleans shooting for the movie h. to be fun for the crowd and players. >> sure. and let's go to brian bolter for what is up on the news edge at 10. the next generation of the tablet computer might be on the way. the release for the ipad 3. and inspectors at reagan national found a dangerous surprise in a carry-on bag. hang tight. tight people! look at you! texting...blogging... all this technology, but you're still banking like pilgrims! get high yield free checking at capital one bank. why earn bupkis, when your checking could earn five times the national average!! and free atms anywhere.
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>> more than a million coffee makers are being recalled after the reports the it spilled tea leaves and hot grounds and water on to people. there have been 140 reports of problems with the tossimo
5:58 pm
brewers. including second-degree cases of -- cases of second-degree burns. it can burst while brewing. and texaco announced it will cut 8700 jobs worldwide as part of a restructuring plan. the maker of pepsi soda and doritos chips said the move will save the company $1.5 billion by 2049. and kodak is making major changes. the company will stop making cameras and digital frames. instead, kodak will focus on the main moneymakers like photo printing and decktop ink jet printers. the company will honor product warranties and provide technical support for the discontinued products. thank you for joining us the 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts right now. now. . we're continuing to follow breaking news from alexandrea. a fire department paramedic has died. one day after falling 20 feet
5:59 pm
off of an overpass during an emergency call. josh weissman was in intensive care after the accident. we're waiting on a press conference for more information. in the meantime, roz plater is live with what she knows. roz? >> reporter: brian, we expect the press conference to start in a few minutes now. the chief, the department long with the mayor. our understanding is that firefighter joshua weissman passed about 4:30 this afternoon from the injuries and this is what we know about him. he's a seven-year paramedic veteran here at the engine 206 in alexandrea on seminary road, 27 years old, lives in bristol with his wife, originally from upstate new york. this began, the tragedy began about 6:30 yesterday evening. his nurse, it was responding to a car fire -- his unit was responding to a car fire in the shirlington area and attempting to climb over a barrier to get to the victims of that. he fell off into 20 feet below into the four-mile creek and was injured. then taken to the hospital. again, we understand that he has, did


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